Austria is a country found in Europe, many languages are spoken there but Germany a high number of people speaking it with 96%-97% of them speaking German. English is the second most spoken language in this country with 40% of people being able to talk in English. It is used because people from English-speaking countries like the USA, Britain, Canada visit Austria as tourists. Children are taught English at their schools, this has made the language the number of people speaking in Austria go up. Others like France which comes third are used by 7% of Austrians, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Turkish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian, and Polish. It does not have a language that can be said is a national language, however, Germany is known as the language in the country because most Austrians speak German.

Austrian German is the language used to talk in Austria with television channels, radio stations, children in schools, and companies passing messages by Austrian Germany. The language is the same as the one spoken in Germany although, the way you make it sound and the meaning of some words is not the same. 97% of people use Germany as their first language, but it’s hard for some visitors since Austrian German comes from Austro-Bavarian which was a language spoken in the past, those living in rural areas are using it while talking to each other.

English is used by many in

Austro-Bavarian is spoken by those living in countries such as Switzerland, Italy, and Hungary. The language spread to Austria from those who used to live in Bavaria and spread to places like the Danube where men who live there use it to talk. This language has no way of being written down although most of those living in the Alps in Austria also use it.

English is used by many in Austria, with places like Vienna, Salzburg, and Linz which get visitors from other countries having a high number of speakers. Children in schools are taught how to speak the language since some will get jobs at hotels that have visitors and being able to talk to them is good. Since the first world war came to end this language has been taught to children in schools, those who are below 80 years can talk in this without having any trouble. Visitors from other countries have also added to the number of Austrians who speak in English to go up. The number of women who can speak the language is more than men who can do it.

Serbian second to Turkish with Serbians

There are small languages used to speak as well with Turkey, Serbia, and Bosnia having more citizens in Austria speaking them. Turkish is used by 3% of men living in the country. In 1994, the government called for men and women from Turkey to come to work in Austria to increase good relations between the two countries. This has led to Turks being the second tribe after Germans with 500,000 men from Turkey living in Austria. Bosnia is used by 2% of Austrians, this value is up. During the Bosnian war visitors from Bosnia moved into Austria while running away with most of them staying in places like Vienna and Graz.

Serbian second to Turkish with Serbians moving into Austria the same way Turks did it. The government took Serbians as guest workers in 1960, causing Serbians to move into the country in large quantities. Serbians had already moved into Austria before 1960 which was in the year 1954. Over 600,000 citizens in Austria have can talk in Serbian.

Languages in Austria

Alemannic is an important language in Austria, it is used in Western parts in districts like Vorarlberg and Reutte district of Tyrol. These are the few places that do not speak Bavarian and over 370,000 use the language when talking.

There is no official language in Austria, it is filled with men who come from places that are not the same with ways of life of which are not the same. The place has languages from Europe, although they speak German, other languages are used by the government making sure that Children are taught other languages at school. With this good mix of languages in Austria, it is easy to start a business or visit the place because over 87% of Austrians can speak different languages.