Austria is well known as a tourist destination for the people who love the old traditions, like castles, palaces and ancient buildings. Most of the buildings showcase the country’s best architectural designs, developed during the Hapsburg reign. It is found in the south-central part of Europe. Together with Switzerland, it is known as the neutral core of Europe. Being a landlocked country which consists of nine federal states, its capital city is Vienna, which is also the largest city. The country’s national language is German, but there are some other languages which are recognized nationally; they include Hungarian, Slovene and Brandenburg Croatian.

It is headed by a president, who is assisted by a chancellor and a vice chancellor. The country is largely of a mountainous terrain and only a quarter of the total area is considered a plain, or low-lying. The climate of the country is cool and temperate because of westerly winds which predominate the atmosphere, leaving it humid. People from Austria are well-known for how well they balance their cuisine of beef and pork, as well as a variety of vegetables, making the cuisine the most multicultural all over Europe. The country’s most popular tourist attractions portray architectural mastery that has been showcased since 1920. With some of the most prominent artists having originated from there, several tourist attractions include the celebrities’ birthplaces and even where major events took place.

Summer is another great time to

Being in Europe, it experiences all seasons during different times of the year. Therefore, visiting the country entirely depends on what type of adventure you as a traveler enjoys. For the people who enjoy taking a hike in the mountain alps, April to May are the best times to do so. During these months, winter is slowly fading away, giving room for warm summer days. Fewer crowds tend to visit during these times because temperatures are still quite chilly. Taking a hike at this time might be hard, but it will be absolutely worthwhile.

Summer is another great time to dress up and attend as many festivities as you can. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you will be amazed by all the festivals that take place in summer. Midsummer night celebration in June is the most popular in summer. Bonfires or events which portray their cultures are what constitutes that celebration. In afternoons or early mornings, you will be able to visit ‘Zell am Seen’, a magnificent city adjacent to a lake from whence you can see beautiful glaciers that surround this city. You will enjoy all this in June and July of every year.

In November, winter kicks in, as

For a fewer number of people or cheaper prices, visit in September and October. The nation is known for its incredible wine culture, exhibited in Vienna during this time. Taste locally brewed wine from local vineyards in the capital city. At this time, museums some times extend operating hours, calling it a Long Night of museums. Film culture is also exhibited in a film festival that takes place in Vienna at this time. Quite interesting events take place in the capital city of Vienna. As we approach the end of the year, we see that this country can be visited by any person, depending on how you want to spend your holidays.

In November, winter kicks in, as tourists leave for their homes towards the end of autumn. However, locals experience a stupendous winter period, giving an opportunity to ice skiing in mountain alps. Some tourists come at this time to witness snowfall that is straight out of movies. A village called Saint Anton is marked the capital of skiing. Consequently, you should definitely add skiing to your list of must-do activities. The locals set up beautiful Christmas markets in town centers, as snow falls on empty well lit streets, giving it a dazzling view that is easy to fall in love with.

The beautiful country, Austria

Winter season goes on up to March, the next year.

If you are an art enthusiast, Austria is famous for its artistic nature, being the home of most famous artists like Mozart and film actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It would be a great honor to find out where they came from as well as how they came about as prominent famous and popular people.