Vienna which is Austria’s capital is a beautiful city that has attracted many tourists who wish to see the elegant structures that Vienna is popular for. There are numerous attractive things that can be seen in Vienna, so it’s obvious that a tourist has to spend days to capture everything, but the hard question to answer is the number of days required to see it all. An inquiry from people who have toured Vienna shows you need at least 5 days to take in everything that the city of Vienna has to offer, although it can be more than that if you wish to stay longer. With just 5 days to spend on Vienna, you can start your touring from Hofburg palace which has numerous visitors daily, but extensive touring of the palace will consume too much time. Considering the time it’ll take to do this, it’s advisable to just walk through the palace while feasting your eyes.


The “Riding Spanish School” is another destination that you’ll love to visit when in Vienna, and seeing them perform is a good sight to behold. It’s not possible to see them perform without getting a ticket, so you’ll have to look at a schedule of their activities before going for the trip. Without a ticket, a tourist can just have a peek of their rehearsals as the only thing that they’ll behold in the “Riding Spanish School”. After this location, tourists tend to visit coffeehouses that Vienna is popular for, but it’s good to go in the afternoon when the lines are relatively short. Vienna’s “Natural History Museum” is the next place to stop when in Vienna, and it’s a beautiful place that attracts thousands of visitors yearly. Doing all these will consume more than 2 days, so you can use the three remaining days to take in other things that Vienna offers.

Number of days enough to tour Vienna

In Vienna, you’ll see the oldest zoo in Europe which is a nice place to visit especially if you’re with kids. Visiting the “State Opera House” is something that every visitor does, as it’s one of the best things that Vienna has to offer to tourists. At this stage, you’ll have just 1 day left to tour Vienna, and it’s a good chance to visit the “Holocaust Memorial” that is located in Judenplatz. The place is built to take the shape of a library where different stories about Vienna are told, so it’s a good location to visit. Spending five days in Vienna is enough time to see all the good things that Vienna has to offer, but you’ll have to strictly follow a schedule. Without following a strict schedule, the fun that is found in Vienna can make you stay longer than planned.

Their restaurants are classy, so you’re going to enjoy your stay in Vienna by eating different kinds of food daily. Vienna’s markets are worth seeing for tourists, and walking through the markets in Vienna, you will see that people there sell variety of things that can be put together to make good meals.